Scientists invent robot that eats organic matter, then poops it out

MNN: A new generation of 'ecobots' may soon collect their own food and water — and be powered by human waste.

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C_Menz2417d ago

Wow. At first it sounds completely out there, but the idea itself is intriguing. Would solve some issues if robots could "eat" wastes or stuff like trash/plastic where ever they are.

However I think if they ate regular food or need water hen it would be a bad choice. There is already enough people starving and without water that should go to them and not robots.

BeastOrange2416d ago

No biggie really, my niece has a doll that eats, cries, poops and pees the bed. On the other hand why would you want a terminator to do such things....just study humans if you want to know what makes them tick.