BBC Tracks Down An Internet Troll

NRM: "Trolling. We're all victims (and some of us perpetrators) of such internet activity. And while there is a wide variation of severity on the scale of what would be considered to be trolling, it became part of the discourse in yesterday's campaign against cyber-bullying, titled 'Safer Internet Day.' This expanded to an episode of Panorama, which managed to trace the location of infamous troll Nimrod Severn, and track the real man down for an 'ambush' interview."

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gaffyh2322d ago

That guy is such an idiot, can't believe I didn't watch this show. Though I do find it funny that there was an entire show on "trolling" haha.

C_Menz2322d ago

I find it pretty hilarious too that there is a show about trolling. Oddly enough I would probably watch it given the chance.

KingPin2322d ago

at least he trolled with his real name.

not hide behind the internet like a chicken.

trolling is one thing, we all done it, be it from a joke to actually being serious about it, but to consistently do it you must be one sad and upset individual.

C_Menz2321d ago

I find that most kids are the ones "trolling". Between the bad grammar and frequent cursing it just seems like a thing the new generation will be known for. I don't see to much wrong with it unless they take it to far.

If you are 18+ and still trolling then you should take a good look in the mirror though.

silvacrest2321d ago

it doesn't matter if he used his real name or not, the anonymous nature of the internet does not really exist because of IP tracking , unless your a hacker who knows his shit and even they get caught eventually

Sillyace922321d ago

Ha, this is such a great idea, I love it. But this kinda brings to my attention if we should make people on the internet semi accountable for their actions, whether it be trolling, comments they make, or anything really. I think the removing absolute anonymity would make the internet so much better.

BeastOrange2321d ago

It would hold people accountable for what they say, thats for sure. It would teach the next generation to say what you mean, and mean what you say also.