Facebook vs Google+: What's the best social network?

Sean Captain, Laptop Mag:

"With more than 800 million users, including 150 million in the U.S., Facebook is a must-have for connecting online simply due to its reach. But Facebook isn’t the best for everything. Google’s young alternative Google+ has a mere 90 million users, but it’s grown quickly in its first seven months. Google+ does several things better than Facebook, and some things Facebook doesn’t do at all.

Though they have a lot in common, the networks are not identical. Google+ is built around group sharing and socializing, using friend lists called Circles to control who sees what. It also offers group chat and video calling. In many ways, though, Facebook stands alone with several unique features such as event invites and special pages for people with common interests."

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C_Menz2313d ago

Personally I like Google+ better but more of my friends use Facebook soooo....

Sobari2313d ago

I use Google's solution for just about everything and have been perfectly content. (Chrome, Android, Google Talk, etc.)

Hozi2313d ago

Add them together and you got the best deal since they are both Free. :)

plumber152313d ago

Ya I would take the pub to socialize over both of them . The only problem would be my status update would never change it would say "bring me another beer " every 15 minutes