Superphones with 8-core GPU to dwarf Smartphones

ARM's new GPU for Superphones to support DirectX 11 and able to deliver desktop like performance.

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ThePundit2220d ago

8 core GPU ? I wonder what those smartphones need that much graphics crunching for..

RocknRola2220d ago

it will be able to play high end pc games with ease or maybe such games should be made to be played on such devices

CynicalVision2219d ago

High end PC games? Lol, no. You'll never see Battlefield 3 visuals on a smartphone.

Blasphemy2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )


tarbis2219d ago

no thanks, the current smartphones and tablets are crazy expensive, this will double or triple the cost.

bumnut2219d ago

Im more worried about battery life!

tarbis2219d ago

oh yes, that too. bubs for you mate

caseh2219d ago

Agreed, my dual core S2 lasts around 2-3 hours if im lucky after a full charge if i play any games.

No optimisation for multiple cores it would seem.

nherbw2218d ago

ARM is know for their ability to create architectures that consumers less power than others. Maybe that will be the case here too!

PirosThe4th2219d ago

crazy... i'd sooo get one... since here its free :P

PirosThe4th2219d ago

you only pay for credit.... and get any phone free..

Speed-Racer2219d ago

@Piros - That's not really free. You get charged for the device through the credit payments. Just a nice way of marketing it.

RocknRola2219d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.