NeverWet coatings makes pretty much any surface completely waterproof

Ross Nanotechnology Corp. has developed a superhydrophobic coating called NeverWet, which makes pretty much any treated surface into a liquid repellent. Talking about it though doesn’t do justice to this amazing product.

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Speed-Racer2256d ago

Woah, the chocolate just rolls of like water beads. A shame the shoe might get really hot on the inside. Wonder how long it lasts though once applied?

dilawer2256d ago

the water shoots-off, hunh?
What happens when a person sprays it on himself and jumps into a swimming pool? he shoots-off? :D

SalvatoreLeone2256d ago

LOL. That'd be the coolest thing ever. Jumps into a pool and then the water just explodes into the air HAHA.

RonyDean2256d ago

Someone has to try this!!!

Blaine2255d ago

Falls right to the bottom of the pool like there was no water, breaks his leg!

Would make ultra-fast racing swim suits though... Damn I should still be a competitive swimmer!

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Cirran2256d ago

Ok but what about the breathabillty? This may be ALOT better than GORETex in terms of proofness but GORE Tex has incredible breathabillty.

bwazy2256d ago

Gortex is absolute crap when outside in conditions for more than 5 minutes.

Cirran2255d ago

Whut..? I have been using and selling Goretex for 7 years now. I have customers from when I first started selling Goretex that still have their original Goretex jacket or boots in perfect working order.

bwazy2255d ago

Yeah, working order as in lucky its not deteriorating. Spend 5 mins in a downpour your gortex becomes a nice big sponge.

Source; last summer, unwanted experience while guarding town from polar bears.

True Story.

Winkle922256d ago

I see this more useful in coats and umbrellas and the like. Stuff that doesn't need breathability. Or an electronics coating. I bet they'll come up with some ingenious applications for it. Can't wait!

Cirran2255d ago

Coats need breathabillty lol

Winkle922255d ago

Oh my bad, meant 'rain' coats. :P
Caught me there.