Steam user database hacked, users asked to update passwords immediately

Steam users have been urged to change their passwords and monitor their credit card transactions after Valve boss Gabe Newell sent out an email letting the public know that their user database has been compromised.

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RonyDean1934d ago

CRAP BRB... Ok I'm good now. I thought Steam would have the greatest defense ever?!?! I guess no one is safe in this world.

Speed-Racer1934d ago

No one is. They try though. I'll give them credit for that.

GrumpyVeteran1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

My phone number, name, CC, address might all be compromised :S

Speed-Racer1934d ago

Remove it till they remedy the situation? Even though that technically won't help because assuming they get hacked again, we may not know till after the wrong is done.

GrumpyVeteran1934d ago

But the hack has already happened, so yeah I removed it but its probably too late.

ngp06191934d ago

Seems like everyones getting hacked now

SnakeCQC1934d ago

i haven't received any emails from steam? u=im from the uk could this potentially just be an american issue?

Syko1933d ago

Phew, I just changed my Password to "Password1"

Should be safe now...I was worried for a second I would get h4x0r3d for a minute there. Can't be to safe on the Interwebs.

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