The end of game consoles? Dead Rising 2 in a web browser

Capcom announced today that their zombie-slaying hit Dead Rising 2 is now available on the cloud gaming service Gaikai. Is this the beginning of the end for PC and console gamers?

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Horny Melon2415d ago

No it isn't. for two reasons.

1. Approximately 45% of internet users are still on dial up in the U.S. Approximately half of all consoles are not connected to the net. Internet service providers throttling and bandwidth caps will prevent this from taking off on the large scale

2. People like myself do not pay for nothing. If there is no physical item there is no value.

caseh2414d ago

Where did you get the '45% of internet users are still on dial-up in the US' fact from?

You'll probably find the figure is closer to 10%-15%


And that data is over 3 years old.

GrumpyVeteran2415d ago

Doubt it. I just tried to use Gaikai and it said my internet isn't fast enough.

Serg2414d ago

Yep, it works fine with Dragon Age 2 but says "Your connection appears to have slowed." when I try to play Crysis 2 or Bulletstorm, all EA games. You would think a 100MBit connection would be enough to handle it, apparently not.

spunkee3112414d ago

Steam is successful but demographic is the PC crowd. That's why a platform like Steam exist.
The console gamer is a totally different type of gamer. The one that perferably likes to pay for a physical disc. hence the reason why, along with millions of others, why they are not on the PC.
Steam also has had very large publishers withdrawl their games from their platforms

Speed-Racer2414d ago

Whoops my bad... I forgot we were comparing consoles to web browsers and not PCs (installs) vs web browsers

NCAzrael2414d ago

Steam works for PC players because of the convenience. I don't know a single person who has ever chosen to go with Steam (or any other platform) simply because they don't care about getting a physical product. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of digital games available on the PSN and Marketplace, so stating that console gamers prefer physical copies of their game is rubbish.

I'll admit that when digital distribution started taking off I was a bit skeptical. I didn't like the idea of not having a physical copy of my game. My main reason for that was that I didn't want to wait to download and install my game. I wanted to be able to bring it home, install it, and play. For PC that's not an issue anymore for new releases, since Steam and just about every other digital platform allows preloading several days before release. The only reason I buy a physical copy of anything anymore for PC games is simply for the extra stuff that comes with it, and that's primarily for collector's editions such as Skyrim. I don't need a box to display, seeing how the only place my wife will agree to putting boxes is in our office/game room, and we've already got enough stuff in here as it is. I don't need game manuals to read, especially since more companies are doing away with them. I hate having to put in a disc to play a game, so that's a huge turn off. Even for my consoles, if I can get it digitally, I'll do it.

I think the main reason so few console gamers go digital (aside from availability, which there isn't a lot of) is because of hard drive space. On my PC I have the advantage of having several terabytes of space, where I only have a couple hundred gigs on my consoles. Once manufacturers get over that hurdle (and get away from the goddamn DVD9 format) then we might see more availability for digital distribution on consoles.

Streaming services, however, do not make any sense to me, unless it works as an install on your PC or console, allowing you to access it only so long as you pay your subscription. GameFly has a beta for their PC game service which does just that, and as far as I'm concerned, it works. The selection is crap right now, but it's a great way of doing it. Streaming through a browser just sucks up too much bandwidth, and as it's been mentioned in other comments, with ISPs introducing bandwidth caps, it just eats too much into my available usage.

FreydaWright2414d ago

No one wants to read a research paper when they're skimming through the comments.

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SnakeCQC2414d ago

no it wont be maybe its the end of onlive?

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