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Al Jazeera live: Modern Warfare 3 and the art of violence

Icrontic editor-in-chief Brian Ambrozy went live on Al Jazeera to discuss Modern Warfare 3 and the art of violence.

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Speed-Racer2421d ago

Sorry the lag got you there Brian :p

Kurylo3d2420d ago

Yea for real. Plus Brian kinda sounds like an idiot. Who is he to be commenting on anything? Hes saying that call of duty doesnt glorify violence. Of course it does. Multiplayer is violent fun and competitive. We as a people love competitive violence... and think its funny as hell to take out the competition in new ways... that being said we dont wanna do it in real life. Its avideo game. So yes.. violence is glorified.. and there is a certain glory to winning a war. Its called being a man... men want glory.