CIA Drones Can Kill You Without Knowing Who You Are

It’s not a question of intelligence collection. The cameras on the CIA fleet of Predators and Reapers work just fine. It’s a question of intelligence analysis — interpreting the imagery collected from the drones, and from the spies and spotters below, to understand who’s a terrorist and who, say, drops off the terrorists’ laundry. Admittedly, in a war with a shadowy enemy, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two.

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xVeZx1936d ago

those things are so cool though....its like playing a video game

CynicalVision1936d ago

Grow up, this is real life.

snipermk01936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Won't be so cool if they dropped a predator missile on your house like a video game.

FreydaWright1936d ago

They are cool, actually. And they are quite similar to video games in regard to the engineers controlling them. However, you should consider dropping the words "playing" and "game" from your observation next time.

The_Kills1936d ago

What kind of title is this? I can also kill someone without knowing who they are..

DarkBlood1936d ago

obviously suppose to tell you that it doesnt have some kind of identifying system in place