52 percent of kids under age 8 have access to mobile media

Mobile devices have become mini-pacifiers/babysitters for many wee ones: 52 percent of all children 8 and younger have access to mobile devices at home like a smartphone, video iPod, iPad or other tablet, according to Common Sense Media, a nonprofit group that studies children’s use of technology.
During a "typical" day, 11 percent of those young ones use a cellphone or other mobile devices for "media consumption," spending an average of 43 minutes with them.

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-Mezzo-2398d ago

Pfft, 8 years old, my 7 Year old Cousin operates iPad like a Pro. Plays games on it all day long.

MGO_Count2397d ago

0-1 year-old(s) 10%?

Shackdaddy8362396d ago

Ya. That confuses me a lot. lol.