First Pictures of the DROID4 by Motorola

Droid life: Keyboard lovers, get ready – the DROID4 by Motorola is coming and according to our sources, has the best slideout they have “ever seen on a smartphone.” In this set of glamour shots we received, you can get a taste for what’s to come which means ultra-thin slider with DROID RAZR styling and wait for it….4G LTE. You asked for it and Moto appears to have made it.

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contra1572429d ago

Love my touch buttons , but you gotta love physical buttons!

fatstarr2429d ago

smh droid is starting to overdo it too. they need a new phone model now

-Mezzo-2428d ago

Agreed, if anyone is indeed looking for a Motorola Smartphone, get the "Atrix" or better yet wait for Motorola Razr.