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Monolith: iPhone 4 Case + Pocket Projector + Battery Rolled Into One

A Japanese accessory maker called Century started selling the “monolith” [JP] today, a case for the iPhone 4, a 1,900mAh battery, and a mini projector rolled into one (it’s still unclear if the device works with the iPhone 4S as well). The monolith is sized at 63.5×126.6×22mm and weighs 97g.

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Madusha2415d ago

A projector...! Maybe the Japanese can make something that can do this:

fatstarr2414d ago

Maybe in 2022. the closest thing to that in 2011 is Microsoft's phone table which interacts with your phone on a 50inch touchscreen lcd and its just awesome.

fatstarr2414d ago

this is awesome and cool. i wish they made things like this for android phones... but for the price of almost $300 for a case that adds 50% battery or a 3 hour projector im not sold.