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Apple Logo Features Steve Jobs In Silhouette

Discovery: A Hong Kong design student said on Friday he was overwhelmed and felt "unreal" after his somber logo in tribute to Apple founder Steve Jobs caused a worldwide Internet sensation.

The design, featuring Jobs's silhouette incorporated into the bite of a white Apple logo on a black background, has gone viral on the Internet since news of his death.

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-Mezzo-2450d ago

Cool, really simple yet meaningful Logo. great job.

Anonagrog2450d ago

This logo concept has been done in the past. It's not a brand new design by this 'student' in Hong Kong. Aside from that, it's a pretty awesome logo.

CarlosX3602450d ago

You could mistake that carve for someone else eating it. lol.

ATi_Elite2450d ago

You think Apple would just give this guy a fat check and incorporate this LOGO on certain items.

after all Steve Jobs only started Apple in his parents garage!! American ingenuity at it's best right there!