OP OccupyWallStreet, OP “InvadeWallStreet”, “The Bankers Are The Problem”, and Disinformation writes: Now that Occupy Wall Street is in full swing and spinning off other occupations the media is finally paying attention. That attention has begun to show just how unfocused this group really is, in fact, I might say “groups” really because I don’t believe there is a central locus to all of this. I really think that this is in part due to the genesis of Occupy Wall Street being created by those who are either a part of Anonymous or like minded. Just as Anonymous seems to lack cohesion much of the time, so too does the (anonymous approved) Occupy Wall Street crowd as well. This is not to say that their list of demands from the Occupy Wall Street site is unclear. In fact, this is the only group that seems to be clear at all, but, when you ask the average protester, you get mixed replies. So, the message seems to be lost here.

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RufustheKing2448d ago

ah not these idiots again. facists of this age.