Samsung Galaxy S II X Coming To Telsus With A Super Fast 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU

MobileTopSoft Writes: "The most sleek, sexy, and powerful Android smartphone anywhere at the moment, is the Samsung Galaxy S II, and it is headed to Telsus as the Samsung Galaxy S II X. It is pretty difficult to look at this handset and not fall in love with its beautiful 4.5-inch display, it’s like pure sex in a good porn flick, and that isn’t easy to find nowadays."

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DiabeticJedi2488d ago

wow... I have a feeling this article is a great representation of the rest of the site....

Author refers to his life as pitiful

He compares the screen to sex in a porn

Oh and most importantly he spells the carrier's name wrong several times despite the fact that the video he attached has the correct spelling, lol

Vames2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Apologies for spelling Telus as Telsus, shameful blunder on my end. Now, about comparing the screen to sex in a good porn is just for the fun of it, and me enjoying what I'm doing. Saying my life is pitiful...also for the fun of things.

This is not the Wall Street Journal, so we have a lot of freedom when it comes to expressing ourselves. I'm sorry if our writing style offends you, but we are not down for having our voice sounding the same as everybody else who does what we do.

fatstarr2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I dont get why people try to belittle others all the time. keep on with what you are doing I found the article to be good and I get what you are saying when reading it as a geek. but to each their own. Like a funny comment here or there is alright but like picking apart the guy for making this article and actually trying to do something is no bueno.

Thecraft19892487d ago

Liked your article keep up the good work.

PirosThe4th2488d ago

Well, the processor can easily reach that speeds... I assume it has a bigger battery... I wonder if it would be compatible with the galaxy s2 one... XD

fatstarr2488d ago

this phone looks so good but im still holding out for the s3 when ever its fully revealed.