Scientists Reconstruct Brains’ Visions Into Digital Video In Historic Experiment

Scientists have devised a way to see into your brain using fMRI and data mining software. Scary awesome!

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ChrisW2398d ago

Is it me, or did that black guy look like a white female at first and then a guy in a business suite and tie in the brain image?

Also, are those words the subliminal messages conspiracy theorists swear the government bombards us with daily?

Shackdaddy8362398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

There were definitely different images in there. Maybe it's what other things the person was thinking about? IDK...

And those random words were very strange...

The guy in the top comments of the youtube video give some clarification:

"They clustered sensor outputs against a labeled dataset of video clips to form a weak classifier that allows a selection back into the training data (given new brain data). the composite video is not reconstructed from the brain. it is constructed from the training data. This is in no way extracting imagery from the brain.

Merit of the work is that this technique can be used as a brain research tool... NOT that this work can be used to extract videos from the brains"

gaffyh2398d ago

I was really surprised, until I read your comment. So this is no way as advanced as I thought it was, I assumed it was taking data from the person's life and melding it together, and that was why it was showing different images.

PirosThe4th2398d ago

In the future I guess this tech will be epic... imagine... snapping pictures with your eyes... o~o

Guitardr852398d ago

So yeah, if you read the article, this doesn't actually make video images from your brain activity, instead, it analyzes your blood flow in the brain and tries to match videos that already exist (on the internet). Not as cool as I was thinking but still a first step in something potentially awesome...

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