Facebook introduces Gesture buttons; expected to fix Liking issues

Facebook has launched an improved version of its Like and Recommend buttons, called Gestures. This allows webmasters to use different phrases on buttons such as “Read”, “Watched” and “Want”.

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colonel1792431d ago

The privacy in FB is $hit! Why the hell can't I specify who sees what?! I post a comment and I just want the person that I write it to to see it. Google+ is very easy to do that. Everytime FB changes something, becomes less and less intuitive to a point that you wonder if FB is run by meth-addicted monkeys.

There are three primary things in FB: Privacy, Friends, and Photos. All of them are either hard to manage, or non existent (Privacy).

I saw a chain-post asking people to uncheck a setting so that the other person doesn't see one's posts. Why the hell does the privacy depend on the other person, and not the user? Everyday that passes, I wish FB die. Too bad right now is the only way to communicate with people, because otherwise I would have abandoned it many years ago.

Speed-Racer2431d ago

Yes you can. When you start a new status comment, just go to the bottom right of the box and choose the audience. It's simple as G+ in my opinion. You can also adjust past comments individually, and there is a retroactive fallback option in the Privacy menu.

colonel1792431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

That's for status updates. What I mean for example, is why when I comment on someone's photo, or on someone's wall, FB has to announce to everybody that I did that, and in most cases even show the comment that I wrote, to people that I don't even know.

I have had in my news feed friend X wrote in Y wall, when I don't even have friend Y in my friend list and I don't even know him/her. So that's the thing, when I write a comment or post something, why should my post appear in this Y person when I don't even know him/her the same way as I see his/her post.

When I write a comment or post something in someone's wall or photos I should be able to control who sees that comment/post. If I write a comment on my friend's photo, why do every friend of her and all my friends get a notification that I wrote a comment on her photo, and why is everyone allowed to see it? because they are friends or friends of friends? That is wrong. I should be able to have complete control of things I write on FB.

EDIT: and with the new ticker thing.. is worse!

Speed-Racer2431d ago

Ah yes I see what you mean.

nix2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

the privacy settings entirely depends on your friends. if he/she has put it as everyone can see/comment etc.. every time you comment, it'll show up on other people's walls.

and with the new twitter like feed that just came out... one can freaking see everything that too in real time! i hate it. really.