Anonymous Plans Day of Vengeance on September 24th

Gadgehit writes: "Anonymous have announced a “Day of Vengeance” following what they called “police instigated violence” against peaceful protesters on Tuesday September 20th, 2011. On September 15th, Anonymous announced that they would occupy parts of Manhattan on September 17th as part of a peaceful protest against “unjust policies of the US government and the corruption in our financial institutions.”"

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gaffyh2464d ago

I'm a little surprised that they managed to get 15,000 people to protest with them, but I don't think this will go down well.

Speed-Racer2464d ago

Yeaaaaaa...doubt it's gonna happen. Remember the playstation protest? Only like 15 people showed up. Must have been awkward.

gaffyh2464d ago

It was pretty funny watching the vids of that PS protest though, there were more anti-anonymous protesters than anything else :D.

Cat2462d ago

Ya, curious to see the actual I just find it funny that the group would host their equivalent of a tweet-up. :P

Speed-Racer2462d ago

I'll be there selling sun tan lotion... must be hard for them to come into the sunlight after so many years hiding in their rooms.

Parapraxis2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

It was actually Adbusters who came up with the idea of the protest.
These jackasses don't deserve all the credit.
Give it to Adbusters, an organization that actually has a purpose and ideals.

""It's pretty amazing, actually," said Micah White, the senior editor for Adbusters. He said that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, prompted by Vancouver-based Adbusters magazine, was spread through twitter and social media among U.S.-based activists; a video by hacktivist group Anonymous helped to spread the word, as protesters set up camp on Wall Street on Saturday."

I also doubt Adbusters would condone a "Day of Vengeance".
It goes contrary to the central idea of peaceful protests.
Adbusters wants people to have a voice, and if Anonymous gets out of line all of this work may very well be in vain thanks to these clowns.

tawak2462d ago

till this day ever time i remember that 1 fat guy sitting at sony store always makes my day.

NovusTerminus2463d ago

Heh, I'm going to a gun show on the 24'th... PERFECT TIMING ANON!

outwar60102463d ago

what is it with Americans and their love of guns

NovusTerminus2463d ago

I don't love guns, I just enjoy target practice. I use Bow's as well... And since gun shows are cheaper then buying them brand new, it just makes sense.

Xenomorph2463d ago

Guns are awesome that's why. Why do you like bacon? Because it's awesome.

outwar60102463d ago

bacons disgusting :s guns are objects that ONLY belong in video games. I don't trust anyone with them they are all psychos and its just a power trip for them look at all the "troops" vile sadistic pieces of crap! all of them!

BlackTar1872463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I've never heard such gibberish in my life. The gun or object is not the problem we are as humans and guns were not the first or the reason through out history people in wars act in such ways it does not matter whats in there hands.

I bet if we thru you in a hotzone you would act all tea and crumpets and flowery. Say you will cuz we all know its BS so easy to judge people thru the news/internet with clean hands.

outwar60102462d ago

ever ask yourself how these hot zones came to be?

NovusTerminus2462d ago

@ outwar6010

I am sorry, I hunt for food because it is cheeper in this economy to hunt and get the food on my own. All of a sudden I am a psycho? W...T...F?

I use guns as a tool, I have no power trip, I am just taking the most effective way of eating in a bad economy.

Shackdaddy8362462d ago

@outwar Much less psychotic to kill an animal for food after it's lived a free and wonderful life than to keep them caged up their whole lives just to kill them while they stand in their own filth.

I would call that being respectful rather than psychotic...

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Crazay2463d ago

I'm more than a little annoyed and sick of hearing about these guys. Move along kiddies. These guys get far too much media attention. If we all ignore them, I'm sure they'll go away.

gaffyh2463d ago

It seems like what they did was jump on the "we hate bankers" bandwagon to try and reduce the amount of hate they got for all the PlayStation and other game developers hacking. But you can see that there are some people on board with this, but there's no doubt that all of these guys will have the FBI on their tails.

tarbis2463d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! These guys are too afraid to let the morning sun shine on their smelly butts, let alone a protest at high noon.
Move along everyone. A B-movie will be more entertaining than this.

Oxymoron0282463d ago

Bro fist and high five to all the police officers involved :).

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