Americans Spend Over 100,000 Years On Facebook Each Month

Cody @ FroogleGeek: "For some people who can’t get enough of Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ this may come to a surprise, but we actually spend too much time on social networks. In a Nielsen report released Monday it said that Americans spend a quarter of their time online, on social networks."

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Speed-Racer2649d ago

Might wanna say Americans spent 100k, not We... since it's pretty much the world seeing this article :p

codyodiodi2649d ago

Touche. My Americanism has really shown today assuming only Americans would see this post.

KingPin2647d ago

how the hell?!!

how boring are American peoples lives that they sit on the Facebook paying attention to other peoples lives. lol

clearly their lives cant be that interesting either coz im assuming they on Facebook themselves.

People who spend more than 15 mins a day on facebook need to get a real life.

fatstarr2647d ago

my friend, us geeks (if you are one) cant really comment.

call me a loser but I spent 180 days watching anime in my life.

I played various mmorpgs and got to high levels
and also I play videogames

and i search the net and visit sites like n4g and techspy on an almost daily basis

... put it this way facebook is the casual mmorpg that many people just started playing. these people are just noobs at the internet and dont know any better. I use fb for hours a day sice I have tabbed browsing and I get notifications and chats sent to my phone.

but best believe I have a life and I clock crazy hours on my computer on a weekly basis.

Lazy_Sunday2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

I could imagine this makes sense. I feel though that active hours spent isn't nearly as high as 100k years a month. It stays tabbed on my browser for me, but usage of the damn thing only absorbs minutes of the many hours I spend on the interwebz.