Is TechCrunch Close to Becoming History?

Walyou - TechCrunch, one of the most respected online publications out there, may as well be history tomorrow, as AOL, the main supporter of CrunchFund, is considering sacking Michael Arrington.

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Speed-Racer2654d ago

Who cares? Mike gave up the rights to his own blog when he sold it for $30 million. He basically put himself on the line when he did that. He doesn't have near the amount of punch like Arianna Huffington (huffpost), so they could easily get rid of him if they wanted. Sure the blog might slowly die out, but it is an accepted risk. AOL is all about business sense though, and blogging is more an art form than a business plan, so yea you might be in it for the money but The AOL Way focuses way too much on trying to monetize posts rather than delivering quality and top notch content, but I guess Mike didn't know about that till after or else he might have stayed independent.