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Android Apps That Help You Drive Safely

Hackslurp - "Mobile devices are now an essential part of our day-to-day activities. We carry them all the time and that is what makes them the most useful. With the advent of smartphone, these devices are now a blessing. The operating systems allow us to customize our device to our use and liking.

If you are a frequent traveler or not, here are some applications which will keep you safe on the go!"

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aaaaaaaaa2672d ago

Hurray, just great yet another reason to CRASH
If you are worried you cant drive within the law simple get a cab/taxi

Corepred42671d ago

I don't understand people. I use my phone all the time while i drive and i've never even come close to getting in an accident. are people stupid or bad drivers or what?

sooyoung872671d ago

Or just unlucky. A lot can happen even if you look away for a couple of seconds. Some people just don't know how to look away in moderation, as I have seen someone look away for 10 seconds at a time and they themselves do not even know that they had been looking away for that long.