Facebook Will Launch In-Browser Video Chat Next Week In Partnership With Skype

TechCrunch: "Earlier this week Facebook while visiting Seattle CEO Mark Zuckerberg tipped off Seattle press that the company would be launching an “awesome” new product next week that has been built by Facebook’s Seattle team. The press invitations to that event went out today, saying nothing more than “Please join us for an event at Facebook” on July 6.

So what is the new product? MG Siegler speculates here that it might have a desktop component given all the desktop software hiring going on in Seattle.

And he’s right. This isn’t the main project that team is working on, but next week, says a source with knowledge of the partnership, Facebook will launch a new video chat product, powered by Skype, that works in browser. Suddenly those chat icons in the invitation have a lot more meaning."

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GrumpyVeteran2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

And Google+ will now fail.


Trevonn2516d ago

google talk? hangouts? watching youtue videos in sync with frineds at hangouts?

blacktiger2516d ago

there is already a rumour that you might have to install some omponents or need skype install in desktop.

There is lot of things Facebook doesn't have that Google+ has,.

codyodiodi2516d ago

The office that is creating the "big news" is doing mobile apps.

I'd think they are going to announce an iPad app or something like that, maybe with Skype integration. However I'm not that excited about what they are launching.