Blackkatsec promises new and more effective LulzSec

There has been new information that certain members of LulzSec are now getting assistance from BlackkatSecurity, on twitter as (Blackkatsec). This seems to be a meeting of the minds event that is occurring.

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MagicGamer2402d ago

Amazing, just amazing. What can Blackkatsec see in these script kiddies. Just see it as script kittens I guess. Going to raise them?

fatstarr2402d ago

I just imagined this spinning out into a rpg.


Speed-Racer2402d ago

Hope the five-o take their threats seriously, find them and jail them on their first attack.

fatstarr2402d ago

well it seems regular hackers are better than the fbi because they seem to have found lulzsec b4 them.

eitherway i cant wait to see what happens

SpaceSquirrel2402d ago

They should stop before they get caught

Honest_gamer2402d ago

"Remember we will help with the PSN project"
god dammit this cant be to good >.< oh well good thing i hardly play online games i prefer the single player only games but still it cant be good news for any ps3 user if it happens, think i might get better at hacking jsut so i could hack these cunts probs not going to happen tho lol

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