Yahoo! Mail plans to snoop on your emails

Which? Conversation: Yahoo! Mail plans to snoop on your emails. Accepting its updated T&Cs give it the right to read your messages and target relevant advertising. Would you be happy if your emails were analysed in this way?

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maddfoxx2555d ago

Good luck snooping through over 14,000 emails. I have had a yahoo mail account since jr. high. . . haven't deleted a message since high school.

Speed-Racer2555d ago

That's pretty easy with their crazy search robots and servers.

Mr_Anderson2554d ago

14,000? Take out the trash man.

maddfoxx2554d ago

@Racer-X. Good point :-/

Mr. A. Most of it is newsletters and coupons from online retailers. The rest are just photos from family members. I dont feel the need to delete anything since yahoo has unlimited space for account users. It's also pretty cool to go back and look at the emails I've been sending over a ten year time frame.

I dont really see this news as a negative thing. I'm usually on the internet all day and I'm always getting hit with advertisements. It'll be nice if I could just skip the annoying advertisements and just get the ones that include products that I'm interested in.

Mr_Anderson2554d ago

Fair enough madd. 14,000 just caught me off guard and felt like we were going into Hoarding territory XD

Harouls2554d ago

Lol, I swear, my Yahoo is just filled with spam and newsletters.
My AOL is the only important one... =3
So, snoop away, Yahoo.......Snoop away. >:[
Doesn't Google kind of do the same thing with Gmail?

Sahil2553d ago

What else yahoo can do.. it's like they don't have any other work.

Sahil2554d ago

Is this for real.. these people are going insane!