LulzSec Lives: “Which Poor B*****d Did They Take Down?”

After it was revealed that a suspected LulzSec member had been arrested for hacking the UK police site, as well as numerous other sites and networks – possibly including the PSN – many believed the writing was on the wall for the hacker group, but, to the despair of security firms worldwide, it seems their death may have been greatly exaggerated.

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Smokeeye1231952d ago

If their real "leader" was arrested, do you think they'd just admit it?

DonnieDarko1952d ago

I lulz'd when I saw the dweeb behind the attacks. Extradited to US on the cards? He's screwed. Hackers will think twice in future!!

fatstarr1952d ago

yea, i do think so.

obviously though this inst the guy in bleach terms hes probably number 18. the captain and vice captain are still there battling it out. this is quite entertaining to say the least though. this new era puts a smile on my face.

a simple setup is all they need to catch em.

Oxymoron0281952d ago

Lulzsec have already shown they will just deny deny deny when it comes to bringing them down, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if Ryan was part of lulzsec.

Either way he's been linked to multiple attacks so, bye bye Ryan!

ChrisW1952d ago

Has anyone ever thought of how retarded the name "LulzSec" is?

1nsaint1952d ago

Lul means dick where i live

ChrisW1951d ago


I know those LulzSec are little 'zakkewasser'!