Media360: YouTube reveals first research on ad skipping

Media Week: YouTube has unveiled the first results from its TrueView advertising proposition, which allows users to skip video ads, during a session at Media360 in Manchester.

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Yi-Long2537d ago

... now, whenever an unskippable ad comes along, I just click youtube away and go back to what I was doing...

Unskippable ads suck.

Speed-Racer2537d ago

hmm thanks for that info. I use adblock to block those pesky pop ups, but never experienced the unskippable ads yet. As much as I support ads, I hate that they can waste a whole 30 seconds of my life, especially with my crappy connection.

zeal0us2536d ago

I use admuncher, sure I got to pay for it but at least it block out 90%+ of ads on any site.

hell my cousin even confirm it block ads on hulu

nopunctuation2536d ago

Its like 30 seconds people. It wont kill you to wait to watch justin bieber.

zag2536d ago

Complete PR at work.

Got to love the %

Example: 75% who watch a full ad are more engaged?

75% out of what? 10 people?

Being forced to watch an AD doesn't mean the AD makes you want to watch the rest of the video.

GrumpyVeteran2536d ago

I click on a video for battlefield bad company 2, uploaded by a very popular person.

A tampon ad pops up that I can't skip for the first 10 seconds.

Now, for some reason, I'm more engaged in the video I wanted to watch anyway.