Do you want matte screens to return?

Which? Convo: There was one obvious omission in our latest laptop and netbook batch – only one had a matte screen. The rest were glossy. Why is it so difficult to avoid glossy screens and why can’t matte monitors return?

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techie2567d ago

Hell Yes!!!! They're asking for comments and votes to take action =)

Count2567d ago

Glossy screens are prettier, even if they are reflective.

So I don't quite care whether matte screens come back or not.

techie2567d ago

'Prettier'. How fickle! I agree, they look nicer, and so sell better. But sometimes it would be nice to have the option of something you can actually use.

Count2567d ago

Yes, watch out when you look into the glossy screen, because you'll turn to stone.

Only do so when you have a special reflective shield to reflect the reflection back at the screen.


My point is just as fickle as yours, it's not like the reflection makes it impossible to use.

techie2567d ago

It does in sunlight. Try using an iPad in the sun (you can't). It can also give you headaches. There's lots of reasons for there to at least be an option...

_Q_2567d ago

I'd call for better tech before I'd want to go backwards. Matte can go. It doesnt help the viewing or quality of what you are viewing in sunlight. Glossy is just worse but I think glossy improves(on the limits of LCD) more than it hurts.

I'm not happy at all at monitor tech overall. I feel like its artificially held back as there are just too many incredible screen techs not being used for monitors. I highly doubt we've reached the pinnacle

Mr_Anderson2566d ago

From the site's poll.

Matte (88%, 630 Votes)

Glossy (12%, 84 Votes)

Sums it up really.

CptFlashHeart2566d ago

Agree, matte is better for working in strong light conditions.

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