LEVEL8 Macbook Air Sleeve Review (BmR) While high-end motherboards, video cars, and SSDs are exciting to test and read about, we sometimes overlook the more prosaic products that we actually use day-to-day. A laptop sleeve doesn't have the geek appeal of a Z68 motherboard or fancy new CPU, but if you're going to carry your laptop around with you, you're going to need a sleeve or case of some sort. There are dozens of companies marketing laptop cases and sleeves, but LEVEL 8 Products thinks they've got a standout product with their MacBook Air sleeves, and Benchmark Reviews takes a little time off from slaving over a hot CPU to see how this product works.

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Aussiegamer2548d ago

OMG, did you really just review a laptop sleeve?

Oh wow *facepalm*

Sahil2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

haha.. why what's wrong.. man

It's just to help out those people who are looking on to buy these kinds stuff :)

fatstarr2547d ago

Lol i was thinking the same exact thing lol hahaha. a 50 dollar laptop sleeve at that. apple enthusiasts i think i will review a generic usb cord :D.

Sahil2546d ago

Well... you can see tons of laptop sleeves reviews which are 10mins or more on youtube :)

fatstarr2546d ago

i mean its a laptop sleeve whats to know it protects your apple product end of story.

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Sahil2546d ago

No, but still it's to see which case is best for your laptop, better safety, cheap and better quality, it's just for people finding cases.