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Want a sat nav app to get round Tesco? Um, no thanks

Which? Convo: I can’t quite work out whether the news that Tesco’s trialling a sat nav app is a good or bad thing. For me, it’s just another bit of tech I can safely relegate to the ‘completely ignore’ space of my mind. But for others…

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fatstarr2586d ago

this is ingenious. if they add it in for bestbuy and the vitamin shops and other shops it would be heaven. its like a gps for food :D.

searchbuzz2586d ago

Well this wasn't random at all! Hah.

Sahil2584d ago

I can’t see that this is in the interest of supermarkets. If people know where to go they will probably buy exactly what they want, pay and leave. However, if they have to wander around looking for what they want they are likely see other products of interest and buy these as well, especially products on offer.