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Building A Better Password

Cody of wrote:

"There have been many security breaches lately that have led to passwords being compromised. If you are like most people then you likely use the same password for every website, or you use the same password for different types of websites; one password for banking and credit cards and another one for the rest of the websites. It’s very simple to have a different password for ever website you use and of course if the password is different for every website then when one website has a security breach you don’t have to worry about changing all of your passwords."

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fatstarr2584d ago

good tips
i make complex passwords for fun


* stickied for when i teach people about internet security.

Speed-Racer2584d ago

I just take a simple word, then change some of the letters to caps, replace some with numbers, add in a couple special chars and make sure it's 12-16 characters long.

Sahil2574d ago

no way, who can remember all these passwords, goddd!!

I choose passwords which are easy for my mind.