Why Your Smartphone Battery Sucks

If you're hoping your next smartphone will run faster, shine brighter, connect at 4G speed and last longer on one battery charge, you may be in for a rude surprise. The thirst for battery power in new smartphones and tablets is far outpacing new advancements in battery technology.

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Sahil2561d ago

It just does, I can't help it.

gaffyh2560d ago

I used to be able to get 5 days out of my iphone with minimal use, then cydia updated the mobilesubstrate and it could only last 2 days with NO use. That's right, with 3G,Edge and Wifi all off.

So I tried downgrading the mobilesubstrate manually, but it f***ed up and got stuck in a boot loop and i had to restore to official firmware. But battery is back to normal, only thing I really miss from the jailbreak is SBsettings.

krazykombatant2561d ago

pretty much what Sahil said.

you can only do so much with app killers and what not...

I can get maybe MAYBE close to 2/3 of a day in battery off my x10

silvacrest2560d ago

most people would call 2/3 days very good

some people cant even get 24 hours

krazykombatant2560d ago

Like i said MAYBE, thats when i manage it, if i'm using it a bit here and there i can usually get a max of 8-10 hours.

silvacrest2560d ago

but most people dont even get a full 2 days with even light usage, never mind 3

Gawdl3y2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

App killers on Android generally make battery life WORSE, not better.
This is because the apps running in the background don't even take up battery in the first place, for the most part.

Android has its own built-in memory management, and app killers should NEVER be used. The way Android handles its memory is much more efficient. Every process gets a priority (foreground, background, etc.), and if the system needs more memory to be available, it kills a low-priority process if need be.

My Blaze with Cyanogenmod 7.0.3 lasts pretty much all day (6AM - 10PM).

skrug2560d ago

memory does not use more battery [not alot]. CPU cycle does, so w.e background process you have, it uses up battery.

Gawdl3y2557d ago

I know. Most background processes don't require much CPU at all, however, making their impact on battery life negligible, except in the case that it uses a ton of activity on the wireless antenna.

outwar60102561d ago

my iphone can last 3 days with very little internet use and heavy music player use with some calls

Fil1012561d ago

yeah i got x10i and it will need charging every 2 to 3 days without very little use and if i use it alot every day, some aps can drain at least half off the battery within a couple of hours,

denero12560d ago

my evo 4g will never make it through a whole day :\ just using 3g is a massive power drain 4g :\ is like excalibur to a cellphone the final blow i shall say -_-

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