Rebecca Black pregnancy rumors spread after fake CNN iReport

BT: What do you get when you combine some Photoshop magic and an unverified CNN iReport? The fact that Rebecca Black is pregnant of course! Well she’s not really pregnant but it made for an awesome rumor.

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UncleLeone2531d ago

The pain never stops for her.

Speed-Racer2530d ago

LOL it does not. I must add that that is the WORST photoshop ever done. Looks like an MSPaint masterpiece.

toaster2530d ago

She's like 15 or something, I don't think she even knows how to get pregnant.

kaveti66162530d ago

oh, toaster, I wish that were true.

silvacrest2530d ago

even if she didn't know (i doubt it) all she has to do is lay on her back and let the dude do all the work

iamnsuperman2530d ago

I feel bad for her. Lots of people sent death threats and now this. She made a terrible song but did it warrant this. No

Downtown boogey2530d ago

For the last time... She didn't make the song!!

jon12342530d ago Show
arjman2530d ago

But she sung it, didn't she? DIDN't SHE!

AuToFiRE2530d ago

the sad part is someone actually wants to do her *shudders*

DiabeticJedi2530d ago

how is this technology industry news?

shadowon2530d ago

Probably because of the YouTube video...?

Speed-Racer2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Social Media. There is an Offbeat channel for this kind of stuff.

xVeZx2530d ago

she looks hot in this pic....amazing what black and white can do

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