iPhone 5, The Roundup

TechCorner writes: "The IPhone never fails to ramp up the rumor mill. You could say that Apple does it the best. The rumors and speculation for this upcoming device are many. Here are the rumors and here is what we think."

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mcstorm2582d ago

It will be the same as iPhone iPhone 3g 3gs n 4. how are people not getting bored of buying the same over priced Device every 12 months that looks the same and is missing thing other phones have. Can't wait for this Apple bubble to burst.

KingLizzle2577d ago

I wouldn't say the devices are the same. Particularly the step up to the iPhone 4 was a major improvement. That model was my first iPhone, but once you invest so much in purchasing apps you end up trapping yourself so that you have to keep buying iPhones in the future.