Stop being duped by the 3D scam

The entertainment and electronics industries keep trying to push 3D on consumers, even though a lot of smart people have caught on to the fact that it’s a scam. It’s time to stop the madness.

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frelyler2612d ago

I agree to a point. I was not that impressed with Tron in 3D, but Avatar was really cool. I think for the most part if a movie is not envisioned from the ground up to work with 3D I'm not going to waste the money in theaters. Now, when it comes to video games I have to disagree with you. Crysis 2 in 3D is amazing, as is motorstorm. The effects will continue to get better in the videogames as well. I can honestly say I played Crysis in 3d at a friends house, then went home and played it without 3d and it really was missing something. These are rare cases, but the technology is young yet. Give it time and remember something important this article fails to point out. It is your choice to embrace or use, not the companies. It is the same with any product that is new. Either it will sell or people won't buy it. It's all a matter or choice and there are plenty of non 3d options out there still. I say give it time, but don't buy tickets to movies that implement as an afterthought. That will show companies we know it's not ever going to be as good an effect as it was in Avatar.

thinking2612d ago

not necessarily a scam, some people will like it while others wont. Same applies to everything, some people see the Wii as a scam, or gamestop prices, or anything what ever you want. different strokes for different folks.

KingLizzle2612d ago

Yeah definitely down to personal choice. I don't like the way the article's author patronises us though: "a lot of smart people... are avoiding 3D entertainment..."

To assume that someone who enjoys the 3D experience isn't smart is ridiculous. Assuming that only the author's opinion is correct is naive.

I invested in 3D and love it. I can use it for hours at a time to game and watch movies and have never felt ill because of it. Movies filmed in 3D are superior but even those converted post-production have something to offer. My Samsung 3D TV offers realtime 2D to 3D conversion of any input and I find that is also effective at adding additional depth to the experience.

Price is obviously still a barrier, but when it inevitably becomes as cheap to have a 3D as a 2D TV more people will get it as a 'nice to have' feature.

Garethvk2612d ago

Here is an article I did on the subject. Note, Michael bay was against doing it, but they filmed the new Transformers in 3D. Paramount is trying to get Abrams to do the new Trek this way as well. I am all for it, I hate the lame post filming conversions....

iliimaster2612d ago

scam? just wait full HD 3d porn is reason enough

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The story is too old to be commented.