Senator questions Apple over iPhone tracking

Ars Technica: "Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) wants answers. Security researchers today revealed the existence of a file on iPhones and on their computer backups that logs detailed cell phone triangulation data—and has ever since iOS 4 was released last summer. The information is stored unencrypted by default, and is simple to access. That announcement led Franken to fire off a two-page letter (PDF) today, asking nine pointed questions of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Franken first outlines scenarios in which the release of this data could pose a problem. "Anyone who gains access to this single file could likely determine the location of the user's home, the businesses he frequents, the doctors he visits, the schools his children attend, and the trips he has taken over the past months or even a year," he writes.

Which raises the obvious question: how would an attacker get access to the data? “It is also entirely conceivable that malicious persons may create viruses to access this data from customers' iPhones, iPads, and desktop and laptop computers,"

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Max Power2621d ago

::Hugs droid phone, looks suspiciously at his Macbook Pro::

Speed-Racer2620d ago

Actually androids are in the same boat except they dont keep as long a log as the iphones

PS360PCROCKS2620d ago

How dare you scold your MBP! I love my MBP it's such a great laptop. Stupidly overpriced but when your school buys it for you, you don't complain. baha

frelyler2621d ago

ah, android based phones do the same exact thing so don't hug it too tight. This only made the news because it's apple, not to mention this has been known for some time and in fact a book came out LAST year in regards to this subject and finding the file on iOS

JimRome2620d ago

Droid's do the same shit.....just look at the details when using google maps/navigator.

mcstorm2620d ago

I wonder if anyone will do anything to apple about this? Im feeding not. Are well never liked the office so will not affect me but I wonder if it will have an affect on sales of the devices.