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China developing powerful rocket for Moon expedition

China has started developing plans for a very powerful rocket to carry a crew of astronauts into space for a moon landing and for deep space exploration.

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IllusionRSN2624d ago

Since USA never went to the moon, China will be the first!?! LOL

Dsnyder2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

I hope those commies pull a challenger and blow up before they ever reach orbit. Only countries with unopressed people should be allowed to go to the moon. What does that say about the world if a commie nation can get to the moon? "Kill your own people with a hammer and sickle and you can go the the moon one day!" I guess the rocket will be fueled by the blood of the 80 million people Mao killed. No this isnt right. We should have won in Nam to prevent this bullshit from happening. Screw it. Declare war on china right now. Forget this Libya crap. China is the source of it all. Sure they have a lot of people, but they are probably starved to death and our soldiers are actually fed and well trained. We could take that country in 3 days, turn it into real estate for Mcdonalds and free a good percentage of the world from communism. USA!

Fallouts2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

slow down their i dont think it would be that easy, how long did it take us in iraq? right, we are still their.. not just that but they have strong allies like russia south africa and a few other that are extremely mad at us right now and do you know the shit storm we would be in if they called in for their debt?! im sure we wouldnt pay it if we are at war but if that happens before the war then look out!

the US just needs to stop policing the damn world bring our troops home fix america before the economy collapses, wich i think will happen cause that what certain ppl want i mean who has the mentality to say keep spending it will get fixed that way?!

no more fucking wars that costs billions a day, could you imagine the money we would save if we was war free for just 2 years? hopefully the greedy slobs that be feel like they have enough money in those 2 years and stop burning out us middle class.

say no to war! unless we are attacked...

RonyDean2624d ago

Very nice! I am all for anything that has to do with outer space.

MaximusPrime2623d ago

yet they decided to use their money for rocket to the moon instead of helping local poor people. what a waste..

thekiddfran2623d ago

There is no money to be made from helping the poor so why would they?it is all about making money in this world.

No_Pantaloons2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

With their huge population they're trying to be first to colonize the moon. This is the their plan, "explore" while secretly building bases and claiming all the best craters!

I say we send our own rockets to moon to call "dibs" on that prime real estate. No more terrorists or economic woes. In a few hundred years, all the earthers will be begging for a way to get over there.

zootang2623d ago

Lots of people own plots on the moon. I do!

Speed-Racer2623d ago

As much as China is trying to become a world power house, I don't think the government really cares about the well being of its people per se but more about industrialization and who can do what first on the technological frontier.

Guitardr852623d ago

Great, so while the US is CANCELLING any space programs they have, China is BUILDING them. It's great to see the US back on top (sarcasm).

jony_dols2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

Hopefully China will push on afterwards with a Mars mission or something similar.
It might light a fire up the US Senates ass to inject more money into NASA, and hopefully the result will be more exploration of our solar system & beyond...

See what the goverment fails to realise is that the money invested into NASA (& its civilian contracters) in the Sixties & Seventies, laid down the foundations for modern consumer electronics, which resulted in the US becoming the major player in world electronics & computing. We'd probably be 10-15 years behind in personal computing, and 30 years behind in physics, if it wasn't for Kennedy's pledge in Sep 1962.

And maybe an even more important, invisible legacy of the Apollo missions, is that it inspired millions of people around the world to get involved in the science subjects, which is vital for pushing forward new green technoligies and life saving medications ect.

Speed-Racer2623d ago

Well the US on the whole has a spending problem and has to cut back on research. A number of valuable research installations are actually on the line because financing has to go into other projects. The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico is losing funding so fast but it made significant discoveries in the past. I guess if the cost/benefit is not good these days, they just simple scrap it.

firetaw2623d ago

i just hope they dont end up making a giant hole in the atmosphere when they launch there rocket. im all for an orbital elevator.

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