FCC giving out free Wireless-N routers as part of broadband test

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be giving away 10,000 Wireless-N routers as part of their program to perform a number of broadband tests, for the benefit of a better connection in the future.

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IllusionRSN2667d ago

I bet they are bugged so they can monitor you! Big Brother!!!! lol

RonyDean2667d ago

I think i'll skip. Don't like that idea...

fatstarr2667d ago

nothing is really free.!!!

Speed-Racer2667d ago

Lol Netgear routers. I had the exact model and had to thrash it because it kept throwing me off the network on the WPA2 channel (even with the most updated firmware). Moved over to a Cisco E2000 and works perfectly.

_Q_2667d ago

Im gonna take this for a spin. I feel like there are shady dealings from Time Warner. If this means the FCC is going to smash on TW to deliver the damn speed they advertise. I'm tired of this cop out "theoretical speed" crap. I dont give them "maybe" money, why should I get a "maybe" service?

Cat2662d ago

TW is making me go into rage mode, too! In addition to their "theoretical speed" their cable seems to have "theoretical availability" and their DVRs "theoretical functionality". >: [

_Q_2662d ago

I personally think they are the dirtiest when it comes to throttling. They say only torrents but I know they do it to game consoles. My PS3 get nothing in terms of bandwidth I can't even hold a decent match like I use to.

camargo20122667d ago

im going to sell mines if it comes rofl!

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