Verizon Store’s $300 16GB iPad WiFi Discount Offer Information

The Verizon stores are currently having an incredible deal on the 1st Gen Wi-Fi only iPads. They are $299 (16GB), $399 (32GB) and $499 (64GB). That’s a $200 discount over the iPad 2 WiFi models.

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techprezz2671d ago

I'd hurry up, though. I can imagine them selling pretty quick. I got mine from a kiosk in the mall, but my wife went into a store elsewhere in town (in case the mall didn't have them) and they had some, too.

michass82670d ago

$300 is pretty good deal :) they will sell away pretty fast

fatstarr2670d ago

they realy just need to get the less desirable ipad out of stock.

michass82670d ago

Yeah, and even with this reduction, they still making quite good profit on it LOL, but still for the Apple fans the offer is great :)

fatstarr2670d ago

its a shame it didnt hit 200$ it would cause alot of tablets to just drop to cheap prices.

michass82670d ago

Yeah, thats what the tablet market need at the moment, some good cheaper competition... at the moment they are making fortune on this devices...

fatstarr2669d ago

yes too much of a fortune.