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Tom's Hardware: Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 3 GB Review

Tom's Hardware: "AMD shot for—and successfully achieved—the coveted “fastest graphics card in the world” title with its Radeon HD 6990. Now, Nvidia is gunning for that freshly-claimed honor with a dual-GF110-powered board that speaks softly and carries a big stick."

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fatstarr2649d ago

and now Nvidia is steppin up to the plate...

its a shame tomshardware is starting to get popups so much now.

ChrisW2648d ago

Tomshardware is an awesome site... I visit them the most because of their comprehensive reviews.

As for the popups and ads... Firefox has some great addons for those annoyances.

fatstarr2648d ago

yea i usually look with firefox and i never see popups but when ever i use chrome i see the internet in its full popup glory.