For the First Time, More People Get News Online Than From Newspapers

Mashable: As of the end of 2010, more people get their news from the Internet than from newspapers — and more ad dollars went to online outlets than to newspapers, too.

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michass82682d ago

This is great, we are saving the planet LOL and could you blame people for using technology for information... newspapers will die in next few years...

fatstarr2682d ago

This is bad... if any chaos theories ever happen ora emp bomb. ... we will be like turkeys in the rain

_Q_2682d ago

Its called getting with the times! More people need to do it. Though I do still like a magazine or book in my hands here and there.

michass82682d ago

Agree, but we are dinosaurs... study shows that younger generations are more likely to get online content than the physical materials, is society getting lazier LOL

_Q_2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I perfer to call it working smarter not harder lol This way I can get my new from tons of sources and get commentary. I would have to buy all newspapers around to get even remotely close. And the web allows you to tailer the type of news you actually want to hear. Physical media and tv media is all doom and gloom. No insult to the old skool we in tech are just going with the flow.