Which Bravia? Sony's Bravia HD TV range for 2011 compared

PCA: "The HX, NX, EX, CX and BX Sony Bravia range comprises eight different models, with a host of screen sizes in each category. In all, there are a whopping 22 new HD TVs to choose from, ranging from basic 32 inch models to feature-packed 65in behemoths.

In the following article, we explain the new features found in Sony's 2011 TV range to determine how they compare."

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michass82171d ago

I really like Sony Bravia range, just wondering about the price of this new models...

plumber152171d ago

i think sony has lost there focus in the tv market

fatstarr2171d ago

i think after a while too many series just confuses and frustrates the consumer.

Jihaad_cpt2170d ago

doesn't happen with cars why would it happen with TVs?

michass82170d ago

It is a bit confused, but on the other hand the buyer should do his homework before buying tech (expensive) products LOL

fatstarr2170d ago

Buyers when I worked at bestbuy did no research, what ever we recommended or what ever was priced highest had to be the best.

michass82170d ago

LOL I assuming that you are doing great business there :)

fatstarr2170d ago

I dont work there anymore that was ages ago. but yes best buy is booming with business. if you knew how gullible people are and how quick they listen to you...

mantisimo2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

Michass please stop saying "lol" lol.

The way you use it is as an apology and you are better than that and obviously intelligent.

On topic I love the bravias but the amount being released is a little confusing, I am looking for a 3d tv for november so will wait a while for reviews and price drops.