Twitter & Facebook messages suggest Japanese earthquake is payback for Pearl Harbor

At the time of writing Pearl Harbor is currently trending worldwide on Twitter but thankfully the search is now filled with people dismissing the idea that the Japanese earthquake was payback for Pearl Harbor.

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Speed-Racer2682d ago

What a silly article. It's called Plate Tectonics. It happens all the time in varying degrees. Also, haven't people moved on from the war days? Geezus.

technologymob2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Just to clarify, you mean the contents (i.e. The fact it happened) was stupid and not the fact I reported it? :)

To confirm: I think it's ridiculous that this was suggested as payback.

Speed-Racer2682d ago

Well it can be actually. Every day, different trends arise on Twitter and Facebook, some smart and some stupid but 99% of them are not article worthy in my opinion.

gaffyh2681d ago

Yeah, it's just a bunch of racist rednecks posting stupid messages as always. Facebook is a hub for all kinds of idiots, that's why I don't use it.

Mr_Shuttlezworth2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Payback... karma? I guess people forgot about Hiroshima & Nagasaki. 150,000+ were killed in those attacks -vs- the 2350 recorded in pearl harbor.

This just goes to show how shitty some people can be...

technologymob2682d ago

Yeh, lucky it's not the vast majority. Just an extremely naive minority.

Speed-Racer2682d ago

Karma is a bitch indeed but imo for the world to move forward, we can't play the even/odd game. What has happened, has happened because of the older school systems of politics, but now that both the US and Japan operate under a more democratic system where people have rights and so on, it would be in the best interest for people to move forward and help each other rather than hope another nuke drops on each other's lands :P

Mr_Shuttlezworth2682d ago

I know but the fact that anybody can take a natural disaster and compare it to a 60 year old act of war is beyond me...

noprin2681d ago

then what Hiroshima and Nagasaki was????
there is no limit to stupidity ...

QuodEratDemonstrandm2681d ago

Fat Man and Little Boy weren't the pay back for Pearl Harbor. They were a way to avoid a long and costly ground invasion after Iwo Jima took 3.5 times longer than the most cautious estimates for the us marines to take. The first bombing run over Tokyo was payback for Pearl Harbor. For punishment to be effective it has to come as soon as possible after the offense. 65 years won't cut it.

mephixto2681d ago


So you take 150,000 lives just for avoid costs??

michass82682d ago

It is way too far to compare natural tragedy with the war... this is absolutely different thing...

technologymob2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

(For some reason there was no 'reply' link)

But in most cases I agree. Most of the trending topics are irrelevant and pointless (such as the Twilight vs. Harry Potter one that was trending, at least in some way, for most of last week) but this particular trend is extremely current and, I think, worth reporting.

xino2682d ago

those people who commented on facebook and twitter are just heartless assholes who lie and act as if they give a damn about lost people's lives.

wtf does this earthquake+tsunami have to do with pearl habour!?
Japan gets earthquake most of the time resulting in many deaths due to the location of the place since all the buildings and city are so close to the sea.

I mean I don't know how people can judge others.
You are saying check the deathtoll for Pearl so innocent people who died at the earthquake are now responsible for the pearl habour deaths!?

Just because Japanese did some bad crimes back in the day doesn't mean every single human in Japan are guilty.

People like these who make those kinds of commits are the nuisance of this world! Even though we don't have tyrants like Hitler, sadamn etc...these nuisance will still cause terrible negativity to the world.

Arkhamz2681d ago

"Those idiots started WWII"...really? you'll talk alot of shit and don't have the knowledge to back it up...for shame

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