Two Free Hosting Providers That Will Rule the World

Well, after going through many crappy free hosting providers, we picked two that based on user reviews and our knowledgeable experience. We will also explain the benefits of each and why we recommend them.

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Speed-Racer2689d ago

As Ive seen happen many times, free hosts are very unreliable and slow as hell.

pistachiofiles2689d ago

No kidding, but 000webhost has not crashed on me yet. And I used it for a 2 months straight...

Speed-Racer2689d ago

With how much traffic? barely any right?

pistachiofiles2689d ago

When I was hosting on that site, I would get 100 to 200 hits a day. Off and On. I even did a bench test, and loaded the web page 25 times at once, and it conked out at the 16th web page. It stayed up, just limited bandwith

gaffyh2687d ago

I was hosting with 000webhost temporarily, just a construction page, and they lost my entire account somehow, I had to re-register when the server got DDOSed.

Speed-Racer2689d ago

Hmm that's a joke. Imagine dealing with 200,000 uniques in just two or three hours.

pistachiofiles2689d ago

Yeah, but its good for a beginner blog. Your not going to have 200,000 unique visitors on the first day.

Speed-Racer2689d ago

Actually I did on my second day LOL but it was by luck obviously.. good thing for semi dedicated hosting.

technologymob2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

The funny thing is I just tried to load your website, which I assume is on that 'amazing free hosting', and it took well over 30seconds to load. It took 20 to event resolve the DNS.

JJMeH2688d ago

Took about 20 seconds to load for me and im on 30Mbps cable.

Free webhosts are terrible, honestly there isnt a good one, nor are the cheap hosts. Hosting sites which offer free or cheap hosting oversell their hard disc space so you will most likely not get the advertised storage space, they generally run on a minute amount of servers, which then splits the bandwidth horribly leaving to slow load times. They also have so many sites running on the server, CPU times are very very high.

Personally, I wouldn't use a free or cheap host and there is no way you can convince me otherwise.

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