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College student out-smarts police radar gun with help of smart phone

A UC Davis student said he beat a speeding ticket in Yolo County traffic court, largely due to the data collected from his smart phone phone.

When he was pulled over by police, Sahas Katta, 21, said he was running an application called "My Tracks," which records statistics like average speed, distance traveled, and maximum speed during a trip.

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michass82481d ago

Hilarius!!! another reason to have smartphone, you always have a witness :D LOL

SactoGamer2481d ago

Give this student an award (or at least his diploma).

Shani2481d ago

Lol.. Nice case.. and app

theonlylolking2481d ago

Now that is a "smart" phone.

fatstarr2481d ago

thats not out smarting...

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