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Viewing Story Facebook’s Like button gets an upgrade, does sharing in one click

Facebook is moving one step closer to getting rid of the Share button, and making the Like/Recommend feature an integrated feature of most sites on the web.

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Techsmith2107d ago

A welcome feature that I'm looking forward to using.

Speed-Racer2107d ago

I like it cause it's much easier than the share button. However I wanted to put the recommend button on my sidebar but it's just simply too wide for it.

toaster2107d ago

Well.. sometimes I will 'Like' things that my significant other would otherwise not appreciate, so I can see how this would be problematic for some.

Speed-Racer2107d ago

Yea that has been the concern for many people... hence the use of the Recommend button. The like feature though will become a tad bit less popular seeing how so many people are against it.

Trevonn2106d ago

@toaster that sounds so wrong lol but bubbles for making me laugh