CES 2011: Microsoft Comes Up Short

Detailing the innovations, and shortcomings of the complete Microsoft Keynote at CES 2011.

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deafwing2722d ago

really not suprised; they'll be milking the wave 14 cow for a while lol

Speed-Racer2722d ago

I think their Windows segment was pretty decent actually....I gotta disagree somewhat.

Captain Tuttle2722d ago

Yeah, it was pretty good. The woman who did the phone segment was awful though, painful to sit through. And facial recognition with Kinect means that they are improving accuracy for the thing across the board.

Speed-Racer2721d ago

LOL, I thought she needed to eat some food. Yes she was quite annoying to listen to. AvatarKinect is pretty awesome, but I don't like it because it's another stab at reality socializing skills *sigh*. Great technology though.