Is your interest in 3D TV still waning?

Which? Convo: 3D TV is trying to march into our homes, with Christmas price deals seemingly attracting the masses. But one of the biggest worldwide 3D TV surveys tells a different story – we’re just not that interested… yet.

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techie2768d ago

And most in the US - odd. People in the Middle East want 3D TV more than Americans. Wait, what?

toaster2767d ago

I couldn't care less about 3D. Not my thing. I want a 120Hz monitor, but not for 3D gaming. It's so I can get 120 FPS without screen tearing. I want a 3DS, but not for 3D gaming. It's because of the analog stick.

3D is a fad, it's not the future and it's nothing to get hyped over. Surveys reflect the mentality that 3D isn't worth the preposterous price tag just to have the latest and greatest which will be done for within a year or so as technology advances.