Optical Illusion of Child Gets Drivers to Brake

From far away, this image looks like a smudge. But as the driver gets closer, the form of a child comes into view. The faster the car, the more suddenly the image will pop up into a three-dimensional view. A nearby sign will read, “You’re probably not expecting kids to run into the road.”

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lonix2897d ago

Except where I live it would have black tire tracks all over it from the hoons

ballsofsteel2897d ago

while it sounds great what happens when some one freaks out and doesn't realize its an illusion and swerves and hits something real?

doctorstrange2897d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. Or even - a kid runs out on the street and a driver thinks it is just an illusion and doesn't brake.

tplarkin72897d ago

This is a terrible idea. It's called a "prank". Anything can happen.