Robot Passed A "Self-Awareness" Test Meant For Humans

Through the past years we have seen significant evolution in robotic creations. Starting from mechanical hands to robots as advanced as Sophia who can talk and process data just like humans, we have reached an era where we need to be questioning what really separates humans from robots apart from emotions? What is really making …

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Kostche274d ago

yet ai still cannot stop crashing into other things while on auto pilot in test cars...

starsi360274d ago

Are you aware that humans also crash into other things? 😀

MWH274d ago

a robot is only executing human command scripts. it's way too soon to think they are self-aware, way too soon.
I doubt it's even possible on a human level, we don't understand our own life and death let alone giving it to a machine.

it's very complicated.

ravinash273d ago

If we do give life to machines, it'll be by accident.