Thankfully, Samsung isn’t releasing that foldable phone no one asked for

Rumors have swirled in recent years that Samsung was creating a foldable phone. As part of the development process, Samsung is said to have produced a prototype under the so-called Project Valley initiative.

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ImGumbyDammit275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

This is an old design. They are still working on a foldable phone. The problem with a foldable phone, like this one, is it based on telephony (messaging) as its primary use, not designed as a true productive computing device. A small foldable device (in order to be successful in the enterprise where it will be pushed first) needs to be a computing device (actual productive software) first with good telephony integration.

KingPin274d ago

you know what else nobody asked for....a laptop without a keyboard. and guess what, when it was made, people found uses for it as well as advantages of using such a device over a laptop. just because nobody asked for it, doesn't mean it wont be useful later on down the line.